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backhanded is a grammatical form of: backhand »


1. adjective of compliment etc2. adjective SPOR of stroke3. adjective (of writing) sloping left4. adverb SPOR of stroke5. adverb sloping left 1 adjective of compliment etcfaoi bhréagriochtceilte  c m ua backhanded compliment moladh faoi bhréagriocht, moladh ceiltea backhanded insult masla faoi bhréagriocht, masla ceilte 2 adjective SPOR of strokecúlbhuille  c m ua backhanded pass pas cúlbhuille
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3 adjective (of writing) sloping lefttuathail  c m ubackhanded writing scríbhneoireacht tuathail 4 adverb SPOR of strokede chúlbhuilleshe returned it backhanded chuir sí ar ais de chúlbhuille é 5 adverb sloping lefttuathalshe wrote backhanded scríobh sí tuathal, scríobh sí go tuathalach