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1 (also apropos of) preposition concerning, in relation tofaoi prep  c m ui dtaobh  c m umaidir le  c m uwhat did he have to say apropos the matter? céard a bhí le rá aige faoin scéal?, cad a dúirt sé i dtaobh an scéil? 2 (also apropos of) preposition used to link conversation topici dtaca le  c m uó thaobhmaidir le  c m uapropos the dispute, who started it? ó thaobh an aighnis de, cé a thosaigh é?; maidir leis an aighneas, cé a thosaigh é?
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3 adjective aptcuí adj3  c m ufóirsteanach adj1  c m ufeiliúnach adj1  c m uoiriúnach adj1  c m utráthúil adj2  c m uthe example is quite apropos to this situation is sampla tráthúil é sa chás seo, tá an sampla feiliúnach sa chás seo

apropos of nothing

gan fáth gan ábhargo fánachgreat, and apropos of nothing, did you get a job? iontach, agus dála an scéil, an bhfuair tú post?; iontach, agus scéal eile ar fad, an bhfuair tú post?suddenly, apropos of nothing, she said that she hated visitors go tobann, dúirt sí go fánach go raibh an ghráin aici ar chuairteoirí

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