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Similar words: anointed · appoint · a mint · anointing · joint · point · conjoint · endpoint · gunpoint · pinpoint
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1. verb REL with oil, ointment, etc2. verb designate 1 verb REL with oil, ointment, etc TRANSITIVEung verban ola a chur arolaigh verb  c m uthe priest came to anoint him tháinig an sagart chun an ola a chur air 2 verb designate TRANSITIVEainmnigh verb  c m uceap verb  c m umy daughter has been anointed as my successor tá m'iníon ainmnithe mar chomharba orm


1 adjective REL, POL ceremonially investedungthahe was the anointed king ba é an rí ungtha éyou are the anointed one is tusa an t-ungthach 2 adjective designatedainmnithe  c m uceaptha  c m uyou're the anointed heir is tusa an t-oidhre ceaptha


1 noun ceremony RELungadh masc  c m ucoisreacan masc1  c m uthen there was the Anointing of the Sick ansin tharla Ola na nEaslán 2 noun of sb in role etcwe're thinking of anointing you as chairperson táimid ag cuimhneamh ortsa mar chathaoirleach

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