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Similar words: call out · fall out · sally out · bail out · bawl out · fill out · full out · mail out · pull out
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1 adjective using maximum forcean all-out attack ionsaí fíochmharit was all-out war bhí sé ina chogadh dearg 2 adjective using maximum efforthe made an all-out effort to finish it rinne sé tréaniarracht é a chríochnú, rinne sé a sheacht ndícheall é a chríochnú 3 adjective involving or affecting everyoneiomlán adj1  c m ushe wants an all-out ban on tobacco tá sí ag iarraidh cosc iomlán ar thobac 4 adjective emphasising extent of sth badamach is amachthe country was in all-out chaos bhí an tír ina cíor thuathail amach is amach, bhí an tír trína chéile ar fad

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