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1. noun of supplies, aid, etc2. noun of people3. verb supplies, aid4. verb evacuate5. verb deliver (troops)6. verb transport (emergency patient) 1 noun of supplies, aid, etcaeraistriúaertharlúthey organised an airlift overnight d'eagraigh siad aeraistriú thar oíche 2 noun of peopleaeraistriúaertharlúthe airlift of troops took place on Friday tharla aeraistriú na dtrúpaí ar an Aoinethe airlift of refugees was blocked cuireadh bac ar aeraistriú na dteifeach
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3 verb supplies, aid TRANSITIVEaeraistrighsupplies were airlifted to the besieged town aeraistríodh soláthairtí chuig an mbaile a bhí faoi léigear 4 verb evacuate TRANSITIVEaeraistrighaertharlaighthe children were airlifted from the camp rinneadh na páistí a aeraistriú ón gcampa 5 verb deliver (troops) TRANSITIVEaeraistrighaertharlaigh 6 verb transport (emergency patient) TRANSITIVEaeraistrighaertharlaigh