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1. adjective agreeing, saying yes2. adjective LING of sentence, statement3. adjective supportive, encouraging4. noun consent, agreement5. noun LING word(s) used to assert or say yes6. interjection yes
1 adjective agreeing, saying yesdearfach adj1  c m udeimhneach adj1an affirmative response freagra dearfach 2 adjective LING of sentence, statementdearfach adj1  c m u 3 adjective supportive, encouragingdearfach adj1  c m uan affirmative attitude dearcadh dearfach 4 noun consent, agreementI'll take that as an affirmative glacaim leis sin go n-aontaíonn tú liom 5 noun LING word(s) used to assert or say yesmír dhearfach 6 interjection (especially US) yes'Booked your flight?' 'Affirmative.' 'D'eitilt in áirithe agat?' 'Tá.''Have they located the body?' 'Affirmative.' 'Ar aimsigh siad an corp?' 'D'aimsigh.'

in the affirmative

the question was answered in the affirmative freagra dearfach a tugadh ar an gceisthe asked her if she would do it and she replied in the affirmative chuir sé ceist uirthi an ndéanfadh sí é agus dúirt sí go ndéanfadh