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abstracted is a grammatical form of: abstract »


1. adjective (of person) lost in thought2. adjective of behaviour, expression etc3. adjective ART (of art) somewhat abstract4. adjective removed from practical realities5. adjective LAW (of document) giving summary 1 adjective (of person) lost in thoughtaislingeach  c m ubrionglóideach  c m uneamhairdiúil adj2  c m useachránach adj1  c m uhe was abstracted bhí sé ag aislingeacht, bhí sé ar a mharana, bhí sé gan aird, bhí néal air 2 adjective of behaviour, expression etcbrionglóideach  c m useachránach adj1  c m uhe gave her an abstracted look thug sé féachaint fholamh uirthi, thug sé amharc gan aird uirthishe wore an abstracted expression bhí cuma bhrionglóideach uirthi
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3 adjective ART (of art) somewhat abstractteibithean abstracted image íomhá theibithe 4 adjective pejorative removed from practical realitiesteibí adj3  c m uabstracted theories teoiricí nach bhfuil bunaithe ar an saol 5 adjective LAW (of document) giving summary achoimrithe  c m ucoimrithe  c m u