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Similar words: backer · baked · banked · packed · back end · blacken · blocked · bracken · bracket
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-backed is a grammatical form of: back »


1 adjective ANAT describing shape etc of person's, animal's back-dhromach  c m uweak-backed lagdhromachshe stood very straight-backed bhí sí ina seasamh go colgdhíreach, bhí sí ina seasamh mar a bheadh saighdiúir ann 2 adjective CLOTH describing garment-dhromach  c m ulow-backed dress gúna droimíseal, gúna atá íseal ar chúl 3 adjective FURN describing chair, sofa etccúl- prefhigh-backed chair cathaoir chúl-ard 4 adjective supported by group, bodythe EU-backed resolution an rún a bhfuil tacaíocht an AE aige 5 adjective financed by group, bodygovernment-backed initiatives tionscnaimh a bhfuil tacaíocht airgid acu ón rialtas 6 adjective FIN guaranteedráthaithe  c m u 7 adjective lined or stiffened with (specific substance)rubber-backed rug ruga a bhfuil cúl rubair air, ruga a bhfuil rubar ar a chúl → see back

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